9 Tips to Being a Successful Consignor



1. Don’t procrastinate!

It can be so tempting to put off the inevitable. We’re busy. The kids are around. You just flat out don’t want to deal with it!  We’ve noticed that consignors who have given themselves plenty of time have the most success when it comes to drop off and overall sales. Our process is fairly simple, but if you run into questions or problems, they are much harder to solve the night before drop off.

2. Organize by size and item.

This will make drop off simple. One of our favorite tips is to use a tension rod to hang up clothing. Push the shower curtain back, place clothing by size, and put a rubber band around each group.  Put shoes of different sizes in individual bags or boxes. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy drop off will be!

3. Presentation counts!

Take a few minutes to clean your items and steam or iron them. Many of your items have been sitting in your garage or attic for months or years. They’ve become a little dirty and dusty. Wipe down toys, hose off strollers, and do your best to merchandise your items. We see the biggest difference when someone takes the time to clean their shoes. It is amazing what a magic eraser will do!

4. Make the price right.

Really look at your item and forget any sentimental ties. Think about what you would pay for this item second hand. If it is a large item, ask a friend for advice. Really be honest with yourself. Do I want this to sell? Do I want to pick this up because I priced too high?

5. Discount, discount, discount.

Our sale offers the option to discount items half price on Saturday. If for some reason your item has not already sold, it has a better chance to be sold on Sunday. We have many shoppers who do not even come to our sale until Sunday if it is discounted. They are true bargain hunters and want a great deal. Once again you have to ask yourself, do you want this back?

6. Know the rules.

There are many items our sale does not take. Drop side cribs, mattresses, car seats and stuffed animals to name a few. Save yourself a lot of trouble by knowing what we can’t accept. This will also give you a chance to know what we DO accept. Bedding, diaper bags, decor, and bottles are huge sellers.

7. Be intentional about how you package and tag your items.

No system is perfect or foolproof. But, there are many things you can do to assure your items will not be separated from its tag. First, use card stock and not regular paper. Remember, the first 15 sheets of card stock is free to each consignor. You can purchase additional card stock if needed. Card stock is much less likely to rip. Attach the tag to the item itself, not the hanger or bag. Even more importantly, BE VERY DESCRIPTIVE when tagging. Instead of tagging and item “t-shirt” try “Grey Baby Gap T-shirt. If by chance the tag falls off, we will be able to search our inventory and find it easily.

8. Save the owner's manual or the original box.

This will make someone even more excited to buy the item.  They will feel confident that they are not only getting a good deal but a great product

9. Consider donating post sale.

The fun part of the sale is getting your check. Not so fun? Picking up unsold items. If your $1 t-shirt did not sell do you really want to come back for it? More than likely not. We give unsold items to charities who are extremely grateful for these donations. We assure you it’s a much happier feeling to donate unsold items than to pick them up later!