Play Station at Holiday Park

In collaboration with the City of Fort Lauderdale, the Junior League built a signature playground facility within the refurbished Holiday Park Complex.

The league raised $200,000 to build the train-themed playground. The playground is fully ADA compliant with wheelchair access and swings for young children with special needs.

Brick and tree dedications are for sale to anyone who wishes to support the playground. They are living and lasting memorials for new babies, birthdays, pets and athletic achievements. Proceeds from these sales benefit the playground and Junior League community outreach projects locally!"

Interested in creating a living memorial?

Choose from two different ways to create a lasting memorial.
Brick Dedication
Tree Dedication

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Play Station Trees

Dedication Genus of Tree
Dedicated to Chase Sweers Pine
In Memory of Dylan Richardson Tamarind
Debra A. Abbott Memorial Tree Oak
Dedicated to Jack Kuhn Royal Ponciana
In Memory of Elizabeth Mooney Ansbro Clusia "Autograph" 
In Memory of Mildred "Mimi" Messica Oak
The Marilyn Morris Grandchildren Tree Pine
In Loving Memory of Gentry S. Fry Pine
The Leach Family Tree Clusia "Autograph" 
Dedicated to Lucille Hammond Jacaranda
In Memory of Caolina and Dennis DiCataldo Pine 
The Diaz Children: Robert, Clara and John Pine
The Bull Family Cassia
In Memory of Paul Butler Pine
In Memory of Kenneth S. Lester Pine
Musical Memories: Lynn and Frank Harvey Pine
In Memory of Lita Mina Clusia "Autograph"
In Loving Memory of Scott Clement Pine
In Loving Memory of Sally Husband Oak
Dedicated to Jane Katterhenry Oak
Dedicated to Thomas Givens Tamarind