Riverwalk Run Teams

To register a TEAM for the 18th Annual Riverwalk Run
follow the steps in the screen shots below:

Visit the Riverwalk Run Registration Page at by clicking HERE or visiting:

You can register for yourself or a friend – just start by selecting the desired individual distance.

All team members must be registered individually, batch registration is not possible.


Next, you will next be asked to enter your (or your team member’s) basic personal information.
On the same page, you will be prompted about participating on a TEAM. 

Here you have the option to create a team or join an existing one:

If joining a team, a list of existing team names will appear – just make the appropriate selection.
If creating a team, complete the form and select the options available for your team.
We recommend picking a name that other members of your team will recognize when they do a search to join your group.

Success – That’s It!! 

From this page you will continue to follow the registration steps as prompted.

Any discounts for sponsors will be adjusted once all team members have been registered.

If you have any questions, please contact RiverwalkRun@JuniorLeagueFTL.org 
Or call Amanda Mitchell at 954-247-4551